99 Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris & Kunci Jawaban Lengkap


Salah satu metode belajar paling disarankan ketika belajar bahasa Inggris adalah membuat dirimu terbiasa untuk mengerjakan contoh soal bahasa Inggris. Dengan mengerjakan soal bahasa Inggris, kamu akan berusaha untuk berpikir kritis dan mencari jawaban yang paling tepat. Sehingga, mau tidak mau kamu harus membaca ulang materi yang pernah kamu pelajari.

Selain itu, mengerjakan soal bahasa Inggris juga dapat menambah jumlah hafalan kosakatamu. Yuk, coba cek kemampuan bahasa Inggrismu dengan mengerjakan 99 contoh soal bahasa Inggris berikut! Dari soal yang berhubungan dengan to be, hingga grammar bahasa Inggris semuanya ada! Eits, jangan lupa ya setelah menjawab soal-soalnya, cek juga kunci jawabannya!

Table of Contents

Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris TK

1. Complete this word!
_A N A N A
a. B
b. F
c. G

2. Complete this word!
D _ G
a. A
b. I
c. O

3. Complete this word!
B L U _
a. A
b. E
c. I

4. How to spell “W”
a. [‘dΛəlju:]
b. [‘we]
c. [‘dobelju]

5. How to spell “A”
a. [i:]
b. [ai]
c. [ei]

6. How to spell “Y”
a. [ye]
b. [wai]
c. [wei]

7. What is the color of an Apple?
a. Red
b. Yellow
c. Brown

8. The fruits below are red, except…
a. Orange
b. Strawberry
c. Cerry

9. What color is this?

a. Black
b. White
c. Green

10. What color is this?


a. White
b. Blue
c. Pink

11. How to say “sapi” in English?
a. Pig
b. Sheep
c. Cow

12. How to say “Ayam” in English?
a. Duck
b. Chicken
c. Bird

13. Which animal makes a “meow” sound?
a. Cat
b. Cow
C. Chicken

14. Which animal has tuck?
a. Swan
b. Elephant
c. Deer

15. Which animal has horns?
a. Deer
b. Fish
c. Turtle

16. What does “cousin” mean in English?
a. Keponakan
b. Anak
c. Sepupu

17. What does “daughter” mean in English?
a. Anak perempuan
b. Anak laki-laki
c. Cucu perempuan

18. What does “son” mean in English?
a. Anak perempuan
b. Anak laki-laki
c. Cucu laki-laki

19. What does “uncle” mean in English?
a. Bibi
b. Kakek
c. Om/paman

20. What does “aunty” mean in English?
a. Bibi
b. Nenek
c. Paman

21. A : Hello, my name is Gita. What’s your name
      B : …..
a. Good
b. See you
c. Andi

22. A : Hi, how are you?

       B : …
a. I’m fine, thank you
b. Good bye
c. Nice to meet you

23. “Good afternoon” mean?
a. Selamat pagi
b. Selamat siang
c. Selamat sore

24. “Good evening” mean?
a. Selamat siang
b. Selamat sore
c. Selamat malam

25. “See you” mean?
a. Selamat jalan
b. Sampai jumpa
c. Hati-hati di jalan

Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris SD

  1. Yesterday —- rainy day.
    a. Was
    b. Is
    c. Were

  2. Budi and Andi —- go together at the school.
    a. Is
    b. Are
    c. Were

  3. Nicholas Saputra —- an actor
    a. Are
    b. Am
    c. Is

  4. You —- my best friend.
    a. Am
    b. Are
    c. Was

  5. I —- so excited when I saw the flowers.
    a. Am
    b. Is
    c. Are

  6. The flowers —- very beautiful and colorful.
    a. Are
    b. Is
    c. Was

  7. She —- go to Bandung yesterday.
    a. Was
    b. Were
    c. Is

  8. What comes after nine?
    a. Five
    b. Three
    c. Ten

  9. Look at this picture! How many strawberries are there?

a. Two
b. Six
c. Seven

  1. How many sides do triangles have?
    a. One
    b. Two
    c. Three

  2. How many sides do circles have?
    a. One
    b. Two
    c. Three

  3. Father and mother are my…
    a. Children
    b. Brother
    c. Parents

  4. What do you call the mother of your father?
    a. Grandfather
    b. Grandmother
    c. Aunty

  5. What is the common response of the greeting “nice to meet you” in english?
    a. Okay
    b. Goodbye
    c. Nice to meet you to

  6. When you meet someone, you will say…
    a. Hi/Hello
    b. Goodbye
    c. I’m fine

  7. If someone says thank you, then you will say…
    a. Good
    b. You’re welcome
    c. Perfect

  8. Gian is a teacher, he works daily in…
    a. Airport
    b. Market
    c. School

  9. Rani is a flight attendant, she works daily in…
    a. Airport
    b. Hospital
    c. School

  10. There are … season in Europe
    a. 2
    b. 3
    c. 4

  11. “Spring” mean?
    a. Musim semi
    b. Musim gugur
    c. Musim panas

  12. “Winter” mean?
    a. Musim panas
    b. Musim dingin
    c. Musim gugur

  13. Ten thousand and two hundred rupiah =
    a. Rp10.200
    b. Rp10.400
    c. Rp9.200

  14. Twenty-five thousand rupiah =
    a. Rp20.000
    b. Rp35.000
    c. Rp25.000

  15. Saya punya empat balon
    I have … balloons.
    a. Two
    b. Three
    c. Four

25. Saya punya hewan peliharaan.
I have a …
a. Animals
b. Pet
c. Plants

14 Hari Belajar Bahasa Inggris Gratis di Cakap, Khusus untuk Pengguna Baru

Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris SMP

  1. Susunlah kalimat berikut ini!
    I / Bali / Am/ With / Friend / My / In
    a. I am with my friend Bali in
    b. I am in Bali with my friend
    c. Bali I am with my friend in
    d. With my friend in Bali I am 

  2. Susunlah kalimat berikut ini!
    Birthday / November / Is / My / On / 11th
    a. My birthday is on November 11th
    b. On November is my 11th birthday
    c. My birthday on November is 11th
    d. Is my birthday on 11th November

  3. Susunlah kalimat berikut ini!
    Know / They / Floor / If / The / Slippery / Is
    a. The floor is slippery if know they
    b. If know they the floor is slippery
    c. They know if the floor is slippery
    d. Is if the floor slippery they know

  4. He was tired —- he had cleaned the whole house.
    a. Because
    b. So
    c. Then
    d. Until

  5. I have —– a birthday cake yesterday.
    a. Buy
    b. Bought
    c. Buying
    d. Bring

  6. My brother —- coffee every evening.
    a. Drink
    b. Drunk
    c. Drinking
    d. Drinks

  7. We —- football match.
    a. Watch
    b. Watching
    c. Watched
    d. Watches

  8. —- your father and mother —- Arabic?
    a. Did – speak
    b. Do – speak
    c. Does – speak
    d. Did – speaks

  9. Diana —- for nine hours.
    a. Has sleep
    b. Has sleeping
    c. Has slept
    d. Had sleep

  10. Rika and Rama have known each other since —-
    a. Today
    b. Last month
    c. One year
    d. 2009

  11. Pukul 7.42, jika dibaca dengan kalimat bahasa Inggris maka berbunyi?
    a. Eighteen to eight
    b. Four two past seven
    c. Seven past forty two
    d. Seven forty two

  12. Twenty to seven is?
    a. 6.40
    b. 7.20
    b. 7.40
    d. 6.20

  13. Every Sunday I woke up at 6.15. How do spell 6.15?
    a. Six past quarter
    b. A quarter past six
    c. Fifteen past six
    D. Six past fifteen

  14. Perhatikan percakapan berikut!
    A: Hi, good morning. —–?
    B: Hi, good morning. I am great, how about you?

    a. Nice to meet you
    b. See you again
    c. I am good
    d. How are you?

  15. Perhatikan percakapan berikut!
    A: Thank you for the cake!
    B: —–. Enjoy your cake!

    a. You’re welcome
    b. Bye
    c. Good luck
    d. Be happy

  16. Perhatikan percakapan berikut!
    A: ——- about our new art gallery?
    B; It is a very beautiful place. I like it very much.

    a. Do you like
    b. What do you think
    c. What do you like
    d. In your opinion


Perhatikan cuplikan recount text di bawah ini untuk menjawab pertanyaan nomor 24-27!

In 2015 my school friends and I did a study tour in Bali. During a study tour in Bali, there were two places that caught my attention the most, namely Penglipuran Traditional Village and Tampak Siring Palace. The village is very beautiful and peaceful. There are many gates that are the gates for every house there. Along the way, you will find many flowers that are neatly lined up on each of the residents’ houses. The scenic spots there are all beautiful, you can take photos in any corner.

On the last day of the study tour, we visited the Tampak Siring Presidential Palace. This palace is located in Gianyar Regency, Bali. The Palace of Tampak Siring is very large, in which there are many buildings and rooms that have their respective uses, such as the building that is usually used for meetings. If you walk any further, you will find an alley with a depth of 5 meters. It is said that the passageway was used by residents to get to the temple and the Tirta Empul spring.

  1. In which cities did they go on a study tour?
    a. Yogyakarta
    b. Solo
    c. Bandung
    d. Bali

  2. What are the tourist attractions that attract the most attention during the study tour?
    a. Penglipuran Traditional Village and Tampak Siring Palace
    b. Kuta Beach
    c. Pura Tanah Lot
    d. Seminyak

  3. Where is Tampak Siring Palace located?
    a. Badung
    b. Tabanan
    c. Gianyar
    d. Denpasar

  4. What is the atmosphere or conditions at Penglipuran Traditional Village?
    a. Very crowded
    b. Nothing impressive
    c. Full of pollution
    d. Very beautiful and peaceful 

Perhatikan Descriptive text di bawah ini untuk menjawab soal nomor 28-30!

I have a kitten named Simba, he is a 4 month old domestic cat. We named him after the character in the movie The Lion King because of his color. Simba is a little bit chubby but he likes to play and jump around everywhere. If he sees something interesting, like keyrings, or anything else that is hanging, he will jump and try to get it. Sometimes, if he is not in the mood to play, he will sit cutely somewhere. He also loves to snuggle with me and I love him for that.

  1. What is the kitten’s name?
    a. Simba
    b. Aurora
    c. Kiko
    d. Poo

  2. Why is the kitten named Simba?
    a. Because he’s funny
    b. Because his color is similar to the character of The Lion King
    c. Because he’s scary
    d. Because he is our favorite pet

  3. How old is Simba?
    a. 5 months
    b. 6 months
    c. 7 months
    d. 4 months

  4. Simba likes to…
    a. Play and jump around everywhere
    b. Gloomy and sad
    c. Angry and roaring
    d. Sit quietly

Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris SMA

  1. I _ _ in this country for 5 years
    a. Have live
    b. Have lived
    c. Has live
    d. Has lived

  2. She _ _her homework tonight
    a. Will finish
    b. Will finished
    c. Will finishing
    d. Finished

  3. They were _ about the weather
    a. Talk
    b. Talked
    c. Talks
    d. Talking

  4. Someone had opened the door when I arrived
    a. Had open
    b. Had opened
    c. Has open
    d. Has opened 

  5. I am the _ of the noble
    a. Descendents
    b. Forefathers
    c. Great grandparents
    d. Family tree

  6. I _ _ to read books rather than watch movies.
    a. Prefer
    b. Had prefer
    c. Would prefer
    d. Would rather

  7. Below are the greetings “selamat” in formal English, except
    a. Congratulations
    b. Congratulation
    c. Congratulate
    d. You rock

  8. Text that is used as a written statement about information that is intended to be known by the public is called?
    a. Recount text
    b. Announcement text
    c. Narrative text
    d. Descriptive text

  9. Example of giving an opinion sentence is….
    a. I strongly believe that…
    b. I see
    c. What do you think about…?
    d. Have you got any thoughts on this?

10.What is the structure of a personal letter?
a. Date, address, salutation, introduction, body, and signature
b. Title, date, address, time, and body
c. Date, orientation, complication, and resolution
d. Date, address, identification, and description

  1. The following are modal verbs used in expressing prohibition, except…
    a. Do not
    b. Be forbidden
    c. Not allowed
    d. Permitted

  2. The following are types of conjunctions, except…
    a. Coordinating conjunction
    b. Formal conjunction
    c. Correlative conjunction
    d. Subordinating conjunction

  3. The following is the generic structure of spoof text, except…
    a. Orientation
    b. Event
    c. Description
    d. Twist

  4. The following are the types of modals in English, except…
    a. Can
    b. Be
    c. May   
    d. Must

Perhatikan Report Text berikut untuk menjawab soal nomor 15-17

Interesting Facts about Netflix

Netflix is an American media provider and a production company. It is popularized because of its interesting films and series that are published there. Firstly found in 1997, Netflix has become a streaming website people can subscribe to although it is not available in China, North Korea, Syria, Iran, and Crimea due to local area restrictions.

You can get thirty days of free trial with a new account. But, if you intend to keep watching free films and television programs, there are subscription options that you can choose from. Netflix is not only providing American-made art but also Japanese, Korean, even Spanish as well. The films and series have an age range from children to adults, so basically everyone can stream anything easily from it.

  1. When was Netflix first discovered?
    a. 1997
    b. 1998
    c. 1999
    d. 2000

  2. 16. Netflix is ​​an application that originates from the…
    North Korea
    b. China
    c. Amerika
    d. Inggris

  3. You can get …. of free trial with a new account
    a. Twenty days
    b. Thirty days
    c. Ten days
    d. Twenty five days

  4. Netflix is
    a. Media buying
    b. Media social
    c. Smart Tv
    d. Media streaming

  5. The following is the structure of news items, except…
    a. Good news
    b. Newsworthy event
    c. Elaboration
    d. Source

  6. Which one is direct speech?
    a. Mona said, I study French.
    b. The boss said, we work so  hard.
    c. Daddy said that he would have cleaned the car.
    d. Vivi said, I will call my dad.

  7. If you heat water, it boils.”
    Kalimat di atas termasuk dalam conditional sentence tipe…
    a. Tipe 0
    b. Tipe 1
    c. Tipe 2
    d. Tipe 3

  8. Which one is the adverbial clause of place?
    a. Rima goes to the school when Hania comes home.
    b. As if he loved me
    c. If you don’t come here, I’ll never see you again
    d. Wherever you go, please remember me

  9. The following are words that are causative verbs, except
    a. Let
    b. Can
    c. Make
    d. Allow

  10. “The cakes was eaten by Helen last night”
    Kalimat di atas termasuk dalam kalimat…
    a. Passive voice
    b. Active voice
    c. Declarative
    d. Imperative

25.Texts that contain debatable issues are called…..
a. Descriptive text
b. Spoof text
c. Procedure text
d. Discussion text

Tips Mengerjakan Soal Bahasa Inggris by Teacher Randy

Berikut ini ada beberapa tips menarik dari Teacher Randy Dewana Harsono yang harus kamu perhatikan sebelum mulai mengerjakan soal bahasa Inggris.

  • Students disarankan untuk lebih mengenal dan familiar tentang bagaimana menggunakan “is” dan “are” berdasarkan subjects. “Is” digunakan untuk subjek “he, she, dan it”. Sedangkan “are” digunakan untuk subjek “you, they, dan we”. Dan yang terakhir gunakan “am” untuk subjek “I”.
  • Students juga harus belajar percakapan dalam bahasa Inggris, karena mereka perlu memberikan jawaban yang benar berdasarkan pertanyaan. Selain itu, mereka juga perlu membaca teks dengan cermat dan memahami apa yang ditanyakan. Misalnya no 28, jika pertanyaannya adalah “siapa nama kucingnya”, maka siswa perlu mencari nama kucing tersebut di dalam teks.
  • Students juga dapat menerjemahkan sendiri arti dari pertanyaan, tetapi mereka harus berhati-hati karena tidak setiap kata dalam bahasa Inggris dapat diterjemahkan langsung ke bahasa Indonesia. Terkadang, perlu ada kata alternatif, atau meringkas makna pertanyaan/teks secara keseluruhan.

Demikianlah 99 contoh kumpulan soal bahasa Inggris dan jawabannya yang bisa membantumu belajar dan mengasah keterampilan bahasa Inggris yang dimiliki. Agar perkembangan bahasa Inggrismu makin pesat, yuk daftarkan dirimu untuk mengikuti
kursus bahasa Inggris online di Cakap! Di sana kamu akan belajar bersama para educator professional yang sudah memiliki pengalaman mengajar bertahun-tahun! Tunggu apa lagu, booking kelasnya sekarang karena #SiapaCakapDiaDapat!


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