Recount Text : Pengertian, Ciri, Jenis, Struktur, dan Contoh

recount text

Recount text adalah salah satu jenis teks Bahasa Inggris. Sama seperti teks Bahasa Inggris lainnya, descriptive text misalnya, recount text juga memiliki ciri dan fungsinya sendiri. Maka dari itu, kamu tidak sembarang membuatnya.

Di bawah ini kamu dapat mengetahui apa itu recount text serta bagaimana cara membuat recount text. Selain itu, kamu juga dapat mengetahui contoh recount text. Daripada berlama-lama, simak penjelasan mengenai recount text berikut ini!

Apa itu Recount Text?

Sesuai dengan namanya, recount berarti menceritakan kembali. Maka dari itu, recount text adalah jenis teks bahasa Inggris yang berisi kisah atau pengalaman di masa lampau. Gunanya untuk menghibur serta memberi informasi pada pembaca.

Terus, apa bedanya sama narrative text kalau tujuannya juga untuk menghibur?  Meskipun bentuk recount text ada yang imajinatif, dia lebih menekankan pada pengalaman. Kalau narrative kan benar-benar fiksi dan biasanya bukan merupakan kisah nyata.

Ciri-ciri Recount Text

  • Menggunakan past tense
  • Terdapat adverbial phrase (keterangan waktu dan tempat)
  • Menggunakan conjunction (kata hubung: first, then, next)

Macam-Macam Recount Text

  • Factual : yang diceritakan dalam teks merupakan cerita sesuai fakta. Contohnya laporan kepolisian atau kejadian nyata sejarah.
  • Personal : kamu sebagai penulis pasti punya pengalaman melakukan sesuatu atau apapun itu dong? Nah, tulisanmu tentang pengalaman itu termasuk ke bentuk teks personal.
  • Imaginative : sama seperti yang udah dibahas tadi, bentuk imaginative recount hampir mirip nih sama narrative text. Bedanya, bentuk ini berkisah tentang pengalaman imajinatifmu. Misalnya, mimpi.

Sudah tau level bahasa Inggrismu? Yuk ambil tesnya!

Struktur Recount Text

  • Orientation : sebagai pembuka, bagian orientation berisi informasi dasar yang menjawab pertanyaan who, where, when.
  • Events : pada bagian isi atau events ini, saatnya kamu menjawab pertanyaan how atau why. Ceritakan kisahmu dan jangan lupa pakai adverbial phrase ya.
  • Re-orientation : di bagian penutup, tulislah kesimpulan atau pendapatmu soal ceritamu secara keseluruhan sekaligus singkat.

Contoh Recount Text

Contoh Recount Text tentang Pengalaman Pribadi Liburan di Bandung

“Bandung Trip”

Last holiday, exactly two months ago, I went to Bandung with my best friend, Anna. We decided to have a trip there for three days long. Luckily, I and Anna had the same interest in places that we would like to visit. That made the trip easier and more fun!

We didn’t have any plans on the first day because we arrived at 5 p.m. by bus. At that moment, we were tired and decided to have some rest in our hotel. Woke up in the middle of the night, we realized we had missed dinner. But, Anna suggested ordering food online and watching horror series together instead.

The next day, we rented a motorbike. After that, we visited a beautiful place named Punclut. It was a little far from our hotel. But trust me, we were astonished the first second we got there! The view was amazing and we couldn’t handle taking many pictures. As time went by, it was getting colder so we had to warm ourselves by drinking chamomile tea.

We had dinner at a seafood restaurant. Anna ate a bowl of fish soup while I enjoyed my grilled salmon and green mussels. The taste was fantastic yet we knew that we were satisfyingly full. On our way back to the hotel, we bought some traditional snacks from Bandung to accompany us while binge-watching good movies.

Our last day came that fast. We packed our things in the very morning and took the last trip to Farm House. After taking pictures, we moved to another place where we bought more traditional snacks and souvenirs for our family members back home. At approximately 5 p.m., we returned the motorbike and went home by bus.

Since we arrived at 12 p.m., Anna decided to sleepover at my house. We still talked about our fun times in Bandung and shared pictures. We really wanted to go there next time. Bandung was amazing after all!

Contoh Recount Text tentang Pengalaman di SMP

“Theater Performance for School Exams”

Right at the end of my junior high school period, I and my classmates were assigned to create and present the theater. At that time, I was trusted as the group leader, so I was very excited about the theater event. Since I was in elementary school, my parents have introduced me to the world of literature and drama. This made it easier for me to write a drama script for this theater, the title chosen at that time was “Setangga dan Seirama”.

As a group leader, I am responsible for the continuity of the performance. Starting from choosing and distributing roles to being the director of a theater show. At a relatively young age, I have to be able to manage that group of 7 people. Find the right time to practice and help them memorize the text.

Every weekend and after school, we always practice theater, it goes on consistently for one month.

Our show ended nicely and was a success. The players carry out their roles professionally, at the end of the event, we get an award as the group with the best drama script.

The theater was the perfect ending to part of my story while in junior high school.

Contoh Recount Text tentang Liburan di Rumah

“Zutu Hill and Purple Sugarcane Plantation”

I have a house that I have always wanted to go to. The house is located in a small village in Tegal Regency. Every vacation, I always take the time to go home.

When you open the bedroom window, you will find a towering mountain called Mount Slamet. The biggest mountain in Central Java is my sight every day when I return to my hometown.

In the past, when I was a child, I and some of my little friends used to spend time in the Zutu hills. Zutu Hill is the hill closest to my house, next to it is a huge sugar cane plantation. Like hills in general, the Zutu hills also have very beautiful clay. Usually, we take the clay there to make crafts in the form of small statues, flower pots, or ashtrays.

After hunting for clay, we usually stop by the purple sugarcane field. The stick foreman there is very good. Every harvest, we are always left to pick the sugarcane we want. We always take sugarcane home with us and it’s an addicting treat.

Then in the afternoon we usually head to the Wetan River. The water in the river is very clear, the river is long and not deep. Every time we played, we were always accompanied by my grandfather. Besides that, the Wetan river is also close to the settlement so that we can get there safely

And until now, Zutu Hill and Purple Sugarcane Plantation are still my favorite places when I return home.

Contoh Recount Text tentang Pengalaman Study Tour

“Penglipuran Traditional Village and Tampak Siring Palace?

During a study tour in Bali in 2015, there were two places that caught my attention the most, namely Penglipuran Traditional Village and Tampak Siring Palace. The village is very beautiful and peaceful. There are many gates that are the gates for every house there.

Along the way, you will find many flowers that are neatly lined up on each of the residents’ houses. The scenic spots there are all beautiful, you can take photos in any corner.

After walking around the village, my friend and I saw a villager that was painting on a red cloth. I have never met the motif of the painting, maybe because so far I have only focused on painting cloth or batik cloth with Javanese patterns (Pekalongan). I tried painting on cloth, although I was not good at it, at least my grandmother had taught me how to paint on cloth. After making batik, I bought the batik cloth and I was taught how to wear it. Given the shape of the cloth, it is not like an ordinary cloth.

On the last day of the study tour, we visited the Tampak Siring Presidential Palace. This palace is located in Gianyar Regency, Bali. The Palace of Tampak Siring is very large, in which there are many buildings and rooms that have their respective uses, such as the building that is usually used for meetings. If you walk any further, you will find an alley with a depth of 5 meters. It is said that the passageway was used by residents to get to the temple and the Tirta Empul spring.

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Contoh Recount Text Pengalaman Pribadi  

“Hunting Folklore”

That time was exactly the day after my mom and dad visited me in Jatinangor. My two best friends and I went to Sumedang City. At that time we had a class assignment, namely Folklore or perhaps better known as myth. Our group chose several places to research, namely the Prabu Geusan Ulun Museum and Mount Kunci. We departed from Jatinangor at 7 am and arrived in Sumedang at 8 o’clock. Arriving at Sumedang, we went straight to the first location, which is Mount Kunci. This mountain keeps a dark and creepy story, during the Japanese colonial era, this mountain was used as a place of slaughter.

Continuing to the second location, namely Geusan Ulun Museum, this museum is located in the heart of Sumedang City. It contains several objects that are still believed to be sacred.

It was getting late, we were still busy with the stories we got that day until we didn’t realize that the last public transportation to Jatinangor had run out, fortunately, we had a friend whose house was located not far from the center of Sumedang City.

Then we decided to call our friend, and luckily she was at home (she always comes home on the weekends). Like scenes in movies and dramas, on the way to our friend’s house, somehow it suddenly rains heavily. We decided to take shelter in a mosque while waiting for the rain to stop. Almost an hour of rain and finally it stopped raining too. Like a miracle, our friend picked us up. We stayed at her house.

In the morning, we hurried back to Jatinangor because there was a morning class. Luckily we got to campus on time. A long day has passed and a new day is ready to be lived.

Nah, ternyata membuat recount text itu mudah. Tinggal cerita aja pengalamanmu. Bisa berbentuk kisah atau berita faktual. Yang penting udah paham struktur dan ciri-cirinya aja, udah beres deh.

Tingkatkan skill bahasa Inggrismu lagi yuk lewat aplikasi belajar Cakap. Bisa tentuin waktu belajar bahasa Inggris sesukamu dan diskusi dengan guru profesional lho. Gak perlu bingung lagi kalau mau jago bahasa Inggris!

Kuis Belajar Recount Text Bahasa Inggris

Untuk memperkaya kosakata Bahasa Inggris, kamu bisa berlatih melalui kuis satu ini. Di kuis ini pula kamu bisa menguji seberapa banyak kosakata Bahasa Inggris yang sudah kamu kuasai. Yuk, coba kuisnya!

Saya adalah pencinta sastra dan gemar menyelami tulisan-tulisan lama. Saya percaya bahwa “Menulis, menciptakan ide/gagasan, dan berbagi pengetahuan adalah cara untuk tetap ada dalam pusaran sejarah”.

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