Teacher Azkia: 5 Greatest Joys of Teaching

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Many see teaching as an act of altruism and generosity since educators invest their time, energy, and passion into creating enriching learning experiences for the students. The sacrifices and challenges that come with teaching make it often seen as a daunting profession.

Even so, having been on the rollercoaster ride myself for the past 7 years, the priceless yet often overlooked advantages that come with it are what I consider the most rewarding. 

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A Lifelong Journey of Learning

Teaching offers a continuous learning journey and personal growth. From constructing lesson plans for various teaching materials to handling different types of learners, it constantly stimulates the brain to improve problem-solving skills and habituates it to navigate socialization strategies on various occasions. This intellectual stimulation keeps teachers engaged, curious, and passionate about their subjects.

Forming Meaningful Relationships

The relationships that teachers build with their students often go beyond academic matters. It encompasses emotional support, mentorship, and guidance. Teachers frequently become a safe space for students to express themselves and seek advice. The bonds formed in the classroom can foster mutual respect for each other and last for a lifetime. 

Acquiring New Knowledge through Unique Experiences

The privilege of hearing students’ stories and thoughts through small talks and discussions have become a prized possession of mine. Not only do teachers get to acquire new knowledge and see things from numerous points of view, but also to live vicariously through their unique experiences. Similarly, students can hear plentiful insights from their teachers, hence the ever dynamic and interactive learning environment.

Witnessing Student Growth

One of the most profound joys of teaching is observing the growth and development of students. Teachers have the opportunity to see their students’ progress from beginners to proficient learners. The scope of growth itself is not only limited to academic achievements, but also consists of emotional and personal growth. Undoubtedly, keen and passionate educators will always find it both gratifying and exciting to witness students’ tremendous transformations along the way. 

Immense Contributions to Society

Beside a place to learn academically, the classroom is, at the same time, a space where students can cultivate crucial social skills such as communication, teamwork, and empathy. Providing classroom activities that require both analytical thinking and social skills will benefit students throughout their lives. Thus, while guiding learners to achieve their academic milestones, teachers also play a big part in shaping these individuals to become valued members of society in the future. 

In essence, I’ve always seen teaching and joys that come with it as things that are tightly intertwined. In their perpetual process of learning, teachers get to hone their skills in various areas and foster valuable relationships with students. Through these engagements, both get to reciprocally impact each others’ life by exchanging knowledge and experiences.

On top of that, providing a supportive learning environment brings the opportunity for teachers to watch their students evolve throughout the years as well as making significant contributions to society. Though often intangible, the rewards that teachers get in return always provide a sense of pride, gratitude, and fulfillment.

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Teacher Azkia
With over 7 years of experience, I have been passionate about knowledge sharing and highlighting the importance of language practice to my students. I always aim to create an engaging and supportive learning environment, hence the continuous process of evolving as an English teacher