China’s History : Discovering Chinese’s Character ”甲骨文”


What did you think when you hear about China’s country? Great Wall? Beijing Roasted Duck? Kungfu? Panda? Yes, that’s all awesome experiences here, but let me to share with some another awesome things from this one (with little idiom of course) to you. Check it out!

Remembering 120 years of discovered Oracle Bone Inscriptions for every student to get experiences by themselves with some activities, because it’s a Chinese people’s precious cultural heritage. 2019 is 120 years for discovering 甲骨文(Jia Gu Wen)/Oracle Bone Script, so this is Beijing Language Culture College’s opportunity to regard with a new path titled “China’s Deep Feeling of Chinese Character——Discovering 120 Years of Oracle Bone Inscription with Self Experience’s Cultural Activities”, to imply fun teaching and let them nostalgia with their “childhood” for playing game to understand Chinese’s character, to study about China’s culture’s perception. 

This activities held on 20 December 2019. The correlation between oracle bone inscription and the activity is already showed on the poster. Using both English and Mandarin languages to introduce Oracle Bone Inscription’s discover process, how Oracle Bone Inscription creates Chinese’s character and writing content of culture’s knowledge. With excellent picture and luxurious design of the poster. 

After the student familiars with the Oracle Script’s basic, following teacher’s guidance, comparing Chinese’s character on ancient and modern type, trying to write their interesting Oracle Script’s character. 

It begins with fun games to cheer up every student for starting their self-experiences.

The game Fight for the throne “逐鹿中原” is an ancient game in the era of  “Hua Mu Lan”, to show the process of development in “马”(ma character in Chinese). The students are interested in “投壶”(tou hu) that means ancient banquet game of throwing arrows into a pot that make them doing little physical exercise : They standing on some meter distance, likes olden times “箭”(jian) arrow, to throw into arrow’s cask,if they success to hit the target they can get a souvenir as much as your point. It’s an important etiquette in the olden times. Don’t underestimate this game,it has high requirement between skill and power,it needs a long time of training, it’s really not easy to pass. Student who can pass摩拳擦掌(to rub one’s fists and wipe one’s palms; idiom), 跃跃欲试(to be eager after a try; idiom), meaning that whose can pass this game is very happy and proudly shouted “yeah” because it’s very difficult game.

“石器时代” Stone Age is games of pictogram’s (Chinese’s character) carrier therefore “日” sun, “月” moon, “山” mountain, “川” river, “鱼” fish, “鸟” bird, etc. To simulate the distant past forebears, “投石” cast stone is hunting’s games, game’s rule is everyone has three balls to hit the upside Oracle Script’s character of the backdrop board, when you success to hit the target you can receive the souvenir as much as your point. But, after they can pass the game, they must to guess what is the Oracle Script’s character there.

“探古寻踪” is teacher’s hand made from muddy that already carved with Oracle Script’s character like “长乐未央” means endless happiness, “五谷丰登” means abundant harvest of all food crops/bumper grain harvest, “长兴” happy in a long time, “百福” means good fortune, etc. Students are following the teacher to learn this several Oracle Script’s character beside they’re stone rubbing (to copy an inscription).

Oracle Script’s first impact is to be used by people from ancient times to divine the result. The activities has one segment “生肖大转盘” big turntable of the twelve animals (from Chinese zodiac) symbolic of the earthly branches, it’s similar with another games from ancient times people to divine the activity; it has a souvenir too like another games, but the result of your gift is based on the board’s instruction. Because it has twelve differences. It has special chinese bookmarks, wallets, coasters, chain bracelets, etc. Everyone “兴致勃勃” is become exhilarated (idiom) to line up the gift, they’re praying can win the admire prize. 

Last but not least, all of students are good in writing the Oracle Script’s character on sticker paper and then they can thick it on “China’s Deep Feeling of Chinese Character” big board. Big board’s background has a green colour and it has big tree’s picture. Oracle Script is Chinese character’s childhood and it’s China’s culture of beginning. Following this subculture’s self-experiences, to start from youth students all over the world, to get experiences of self-learning about China’s history “穿越” not just to cross deceased grandfather’s spirit the world, but can return our childhood’s gladness.

I hope this article can cheer up your day. Please always supporting us. See you next time.

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