Chinese Traditional Handicraft Class in BLCC

Chinese traditional handicraft Class in BLCC

Chinese traditional handicraft is an important part of Chinese Art. Chinese craftsmen use different materials to create various kinds of handicrafts. The main contents of traditional handicraft workshops include paper-cut, dyeing and weaving, kite making, cloisonne crafts painting, etc.

In BLCC , there’s a class for Chinese traditional handicraft lovers like me. Though you learn from YouTube tutorial, or a books or blog post to find directions, but here in BLCC we got a better chance to learn more because here we got a very friendly teacher who would teach us to how to make handicraft article.


For me she is a very kind, funny and super talented teacher. Sometimes she gives us a little snack during class. And this class is FREE! “This class has brought nothing but benefits for me, because there’s literally nothing I have to pay for. What’s more is that I get to know another caring and kind-hearted teacher,” Aurelia Xaviera — one of my fellow Chinese traditional handicraft class friends stated.

Chinese traditional handicraft Class in BLCC

Making handicraft article is a wonderful way to meet new people with similar interests or skills to share. You will learn a great deal by sharing experiences with others, and also to seek the knowledge of others. 

In the opinion of a student -Shinta Meliani about this Chinese traditional handicraft class is “This class is very cool, and we can learn many new things, moreover learn about traditional Chinese culture. The teacher is also very good and she is very patient explaining what we don’t understand.”

This class can make you forget the stress and a little bit relaxed, because basically we forget everything else when we are in the class.

We have completed several satisfying projects, and now we are working on the longest project we have ever done. This week is the 4th week we’re still doing this and there seems to be a lot more to be done. I will update our project results soon.

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