Contoh Soal SBMPTN Bahasa Inggris / UTBK SNBT dan Jawabannya

Contoh soal SBMPTN Bahasa Inggris

Jalur penerimaan mahasiswa baru Program Sarjana pada PTN dilakukan melalui 3 jalur, yaitu jalur prestasi (SNBP), jalur SBMPTN (sekarang dikenal dengan nama SNBP), dan Seleksi Mandiri. Di artikel ini, Cakap akan mengajakmu untuk lebih mengenal contoh-contoh soal SBMPTN Bahasa Inggris.

Contoh-contoh soal SBMPTN Bahasa Inggris berikut dilansir dari buku [persiapan SBMPTN dan merupakan cuplikan dari soal SBMPTN Bahasa Inggris dari berbagai universitas terkenal di Indonesia.

Contoh Soal SBMPTN Bahasa Inggris

Question 1 and 2 are based on the following text.

The economic history of the United States, one scholar has written, is the history of the rise and development of the capitalistic system. The colonists of the eighteenth century pushed forward what those of the seventeenth century had begun: the expansion and elaboration of an economy born in the great age of capitalist expansion. Our excellent natural resources paved the way for the development of abundant capital to increase our growth. Capital includes the tools-such as machines, vehicles, and buildings – that makes the output of labor and resources more valuable. But it also includes the funds necessary to buy those tools.  If a society had to consume everything it produced just to stay alive, nothing could be put aside to increase future production.  But if a farmer can grow more corn than the family needs to eat, he can use the surplus as seed to increase the next crop, or to feed workers who build tractors. This process of capital accumulation was aided in the American economy by our cultural heritage. Saving played an important role in European tradition; it contributed to Americans’ motivation to put something aside today for the tools to buy tomorrow.

(1)    In line 7 the words “it” refers to….

A. Growth
B. Resources
C. Labor
D. Capital
E. Machines

(2)    The word “it” in line 12, refers to…

A. European Tradition
B. Saving Played
C. Capital Accumulation
D. Capital
E. American Economy

Choose one word or phrase from each number that best completes the sentences (for question 3-12)

New research by Dr. Stephens investigates a link between swearing fluency and emotion. The findings show that there is a (3) ____ between swearing and emotional arousal. (4) ___ this may seem obvious, this research confirms such a link (5) ___. The findings cast new light on opinions (6) ___ swearing may be considered to be a (7)___ of expressing emotion.

In article (8) ___ in The Conversation Dr. Stpehans said that he and his team appear to (9) ___ a two-way relation between swearing and emotion. (10) ___ can swearing provoke an (11) ___, as shown in his previous research on swearing and pain, but raised emotional arousal has been shown to facilitate swearing, or (12) ___ one aspector it, swearing fluency.

(3) ….
A. Connectivity
B. Connection
C. Connected
D. Connective
E. Connect

(4) ….
A. Because
B. Although
C. Therefore
D. In as much as
E. Nevertheless

(5) ….
A. Objection
B. Objective
C. Objectively
D. Objectivity
E. With objectivity

(6) ….
A. On which
B. In which
C. About whose
D. Around whether
E. Around which

(7) ….
A. Way to accept social
B. Socially accepting way
C. Way to socially accept
D. Socially and accepting way
E. Socially acceptable way

(8) ….
A. Published
B. That published
C. Was publishing
D. Was published
E. That has published

(9) ….
A. Have established
B. Have establishment of
C. Have been established
D. Establishing
E. Established

(10) ….
A. In addition to
B. Whenever
C. Not only
D. No matter how
E. Not to mention

(11) ….
A. Emotionally responsive
B. Emotion responsiveness
C. Emotion response
D. Emotional response
E. Emotionally respond

(12) ….
A. In the least
B. At the least
C. The least
D. Least
E. At least

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Question 13-17 are based on text bellow

Two types of three from the same family of threes share honors in certain respects as the most impressive of threes. Both evergreen conifers, the California redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) and the  giant sequoia (sequoiadendron giganteum) are found growing natively only in the states of California. The California redwood is found along the northern coast of the state, while the giant sequoia is found inland and at higher elevations, along the western slopes of the Sierra Nevadas.

The California redwood is the tallest living three and is in fact the tallest living on the face of the earth; the height of the tallest redwood on record is 358 feet (120 meters). Though not quite as tall as the California redwood, with a height of 320 feet (100 meters), the giant sequoia  is nonetheless the largest and most massive of living things; giant sequoia have been measured at more than 100 feet (30 meters) around base, with weights of more than 6,000 tons.

(13) Which of the following best describes the topics of the text?

A. The California redwood
B. The giant sequoia
C. Types of evergreen conifers
D. The family of threes
E. The impressive of threes

(14) What types of information is included in the second paragraph?

A. An argument
B. A characteristic
C. A theory
D. A habitat
E. An opinion

(15) The passage state that “giant sequoia” is?

A. The tallest living three
B. The height of 320 feets
C. The hight of 100 feets
D. Weight of less than 6,000 tons
E. As tall as the California redwood

(16) It can be inferred from the text that the Sierra Nevadas are?

A. A mountain range
B. A group of lakes
C. A coastal community
D. A type of giant redwood
E. A larges of living things

(17) Which of the following is implied in the text?

A. The giant sequoia is taller than the California redwood
B. The California redwood is not as big around as the giant sequoia
C. The California redwood weights more than the giant sequoia
D. Other living things are larger than the giant sequoia
E. The giant sequoias tall as the California redwood

Question 18 to 21 are based on the text below

The study’s findings are Important because they use biological markers showing the direct link between chronic stress and heart disease. Stressors, such as marital or financial troubles, have been linked to heart disease, but 5 doctors could only rely on questionnaires to determinepeople’s stress level. This study looked at more objective, measurable signs- the level of cortisol, a hormone released during stress- that shows up in the hair shaft.

Measuring cortisol levels in hair also can indicate how long a person has been stressed, says Gideon Koren, one of the study’s authors and a toxicologist at the University of Western Ontario. Cortisol, which is secreted by the adrenal glands, also shows up in urine and saliva, but that only shows stress at the moment of measurement- not over long periods of time.

“Hair grows about one centimeter (a fraction of an inch) a month, so if we take a hair sample six 10 centimeters (2.6 inches) long, we can measure the cortisol level and determine stress level for the past six months,” Koren says. This is critical, he adds, “because what kills is chronic stress.”

In the study, researchers took a 3-centimeter hair sample from 56 male heart attack patients admitted to Meir Medical Center in Israel. Hair samples were also taken from a control group, hospitalized for reasons other than a heart attack. The group did not differ significantly in terms of diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking, and a family history of heart disease.

(18) Based on the passage, it can be inferred that….

A. One may learn stress level through measuring his own hair
B. Only cortisol is more accurate in detecting one’s stress
C. One’s temporary stress can be judged by testing his urine
D. Doctors tend to use two ways of understanding one’s stress
E. Multi-functions of saliva lead one to know his gradual stress

(19) Which of the following is the restatement of …, but doctors could only rely on questionnaires to determine people’s stress level” (Par 1)

A. Although using questionnaires only, doctors can discover people’s degree of stress
B. Only questionnaires can inform doctors more accurately about people’s scale of stress
C. People’s stress levels are dependent merely on questionnaires for doctors to know
D. Questionnaires for doctors are only means of understanding people’s stress levels
E. Questionnaires are only one of doctor’s efforts to predict people’s stress degree

(20) The paragraph following the passage will likely talk about….

A. Smoking habits are some risk factors to lung cancers
B. Hair cortisol content as an influential factor of diabetes
C. High blood pressure as a dominant factor for sudden death
D. Hair cortisol content as stronger predictor of heart attack
E. Cholesterol level as a significant indicator of one’s health level

(21) The author organizes his/her ideas in the passage by….

A. Presenting causes followed by its effects
B. Interpreting different ways of classifying
C. Presenting the strength of the main idea
D. Exposing supporting ideas chronologically
E. Putting the central idea followed by examples

Kunci Jawaban Soal SBMPTN Bahasa Inggris

Berikut ini kunci jawaban soal SBMPTN Bahasa Inggris dari nomor 1 hingga nomor 21!

  1. D
  2. B
  3. B
  4. B
  5. C
  6. A
  7. E
  8. A
  9. A
  10. C
  11. D
  12. E
  13. C
  14. B
  15. C
  16. A
  17. B
  18. C
  19. C
  20. D
  21. D

So, itu dia 21 contoh soal SBMPTN Bahasa Inggris yang bisa kamu jadikan referensi untuk bahan belajarmu. Sebelum mengerjakan soal SBMPTN, pastikan untuk terus berlatih agar bisa lolos di PTN incaranmu. Bila perlu, yuk daftar dan ikuti kelas bahasa Inggris online di Cakap!

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