Contoh Soal TOEFL dengan Jawaban & Pembahasannya, Lengkap!


Siapa yang tahun ini mau ambil tes TOEFL? Kalau kamu adalah salah satunya, penting bagimu untuk mempelajari terlebih dahulu contoh soal TOEFL dan pembahasannya. Di artikel ini, kamu akan menemukan apa yang kamu cari!

Yuk, bedah satu persatu contoh soal TOEFL dari semua section, mulai dari listening, structure and written expression, speaking, hingga writing section!

Table of Contents


Di bawah ini terlampir beberapa contoh soal TOEFL lengkap dengan jawaban dan pembahasannya. Setelah menjawab soal, kamu bisa langsung cek jawaban dan pembahasan lengkapnya. Contoh soal dibagi menjadi tiga section, yaitu listening, structure and written Expression, serta reading. Langsung aja yuk, mulai mengerjakan!

Contoh Soal TOEFL Listening Section

Listening section dirancang untuk mengukur kemampuan mendengarkan dalam bahasa Inggris. Pada section ini kamu akan mendengarkan rekaman audio yang berisi percakapan singkat antara dua orang. Di bagian ini, kamu perlu memperhatikan percakapan secara seksama agar bisa menjawab pertanyaan yang diajukan.

  1. You will hear:

Man : Shall I lock up the computer lab now before I go home?
Woman: Don’t bother. I’m not leaving for a while. I can check it on my way out.

(narrator) What will the woman probably do?
(A) Lock the computer lab later.
(B) Leave with the man.
(C) Buy a new lock for the computer lab.
(D) Show the man where the lab is.

Jawaban → A
Pembahasan → dari percakapan di atas diketahui bahwa wanita itu akan mengunci lab komputer nanti saat dia keluar. Maka jawaban terbaik untuk soal nomor 1 adalah A.

  1. You will hear:

Man : Do you mind if I turn the television off?
Women: Well, I’m in the middle of watching a program.

(narrator) What does the woman imply?
(A) The man should watch the program too.
(B) The man should leave the television on.
(C) The program will be over soon.
(D) She’ll watch television later.

Jawaban → B
Pembahasan → dari percakapan di atas diketahui bahwa laki-laki itu mengatakan apakah tidak keberatan jika TV-nya dimatikan. Wanita itu menjawab dirinya sedang menonton program di televisi. Sehingga jawaban yang tepat adalah B, yang dimaksud oleh wanita itu adalah pria itu harus membiarkan televisi menyala.

Untuk Soal Nomor 3 dan 4 

On the recording, you will hear:
Narrator : Listen to an instructor talk to his class about a television program.
Man : I’d like to tell you about an interesting TV program that’ll be shown this coming Thursday. It’ll be on from 9 to 10 pm on Channel 4. It’s part of a series called “Mysteries of Human Biology.” The subject of the program is the human brain—how it functions and how it can malfunction. Topics that will be covered are dreams, memory, and depression. These topics are illustrated with outstanding computer animation that makes the explanations easy to follow. Make an effort to see this show. Since we’ve been studying the nervous system in class, I know you’ll find it very helpful. Now listen to a sample question.

  1. Narrator : What is the main purpose of the program?

(A) To demonstrate the latest use of computer graphics.
(B) To discuss the possibility of an economic depression.
(C) To explain the workings of the brain.
(D) To dramatize a famous mystery story.

Jawaban → C
Pembahasan → jawaban terbaik atas pertanyaan soal nomor 3 adalah C, tujuan dari program tersebut adalah untuk menjelaskan cara kerja otak.

  1. Why does the speaker recommend watching the program?

(A) is required of all science majors.
(B) It will never be shown again.
(C) It can help viewers improve their memory skills.
(D) It will help with course work.

Jawaban → D
Pembahasan → mengapa pembicara merekomendasikan untuk menonton program TV tersebut? Jawabannya adalah program tersebut bisa membantu memudahkan tugas kuliah. Maka dari itu jawaban yang paling tepat adalah D.

  1. You will hear:

Woman : I heard the math requirements for graduation are being changed.
Man : Yes. And I may be short one course.

(narrator) What does the man mean?
(A) He isn’t sure what course to take.
(B) The math course is too short.
(C) He may not meet the graduation requirements.
(D) The graduation date has been changed.

Jawaban → C
Pembahasan → persyaratan kelulusan ujian Matematika telah diubah, laki-laki itu kemungkinan akan mengikuti short course. Maka jawaban yang tepat untuk soal nomor 5 adalah C, laki-laki itu mungkin tidak memenuhi persyaratan kelulusan sehingga ia perlu mengikuti short course.

Perhatikan dan dengarkan baik-baik soal listening berikut untuk menjawab pertanyaan soal nomor 6-10.

Listen to part of a lecture in a business class.

OK, uh let’s um, let’s start. Uh, tonight we’re gonna talk about one approach to structuring decision-making on a specific topic, sort of um…oh when you’re in a decision-making process in a business situation, and you’ve got all the participants there sort of voicing opinions and negotiating, and there are lots of different factors to consider in your decision…uh, the technique we’re gonna talk about is uh, it’s a way to sort of structure that decision and arrive at a better decision. It’s called AHP, or Analytic, um, Analytic Hierarchy Process.

Now, the first step is to develop a hierarchy by breaking the problem down into its components, and then prioritizing the components, as you’ll see. Now there’s some AHP software out there that lets you do the math, but I’m not gonna get into that level of detail now. The important thing that I want to talk about is not the mathematics of it so much as the concept. I want you to understand the logic behind Analytic Hierarchy Process and the basic approach.

OK…so uh, let’s say, if I was trying to buy a house, a house is actually a pretty good example. It’s not a good example for a business class, necessarily, but it’ll certainly do for today. You, you start with your main goal. An’ then you break it down into smaller parts. All right…so uh, taking our example of buying a house…I would have to determine the goal for the house-hunting effort, uh choose the house that would be uh,…most, well, the best fit for my family. What would be your goal in trying to find a house? Well, uh let’s just say, make the best choice in, in buying a new house. Now, that’s the goal.

So now that you’ve established a goal, you establish your criteria. And um, under criteria I would list for me what were the important factors that will influence the decision. And…they would be things like uh, like the cost. And, uh what else? Uh, location. Location, I think, would typically be one in most of our models, and maybe one more. How about floor plan?—The layout of the rooms. So, we have cost, location, floor plan…those might be our key criteria for choosing a house.

Then you get down to the subcriteria under each of these three criteria. So, let’s say, under floor plan, the sub criteria are, you want a big kitchen, 3 bedrooms, a basement. And after you’ve determined all the criteria and subcriteria, um then you go back and you start making pairwise comparisons between them…uh, judgments about two of these things at a time. Of the houses you’re considering, uh, is cost more important than location or, say, one has a big kitchen but only two bedrooms. Is that OK? You move through the hierarchy making judgments about 1 pair of choices at a time. You see, it’s designed to reflect the way people actually think…humans are much more,…capable of making relative rather than absolute judgments. Basically, we’ve reduced a rather complex decision into a series of one-on-one comparisons.

Um, so what AHP does is it requires me to develop a schematic model of what I’m looking for. So, right off the bat I have to articulate and think about and identify these factors, these criteria.

And when I start comparing the criteria, these factors, um, it enables me to come up with the relative importance of each factor at a given level in the model. So, in other words, what the model does is it helps us set our priorities, and it forces us to make our priorities explicit. It, it not, not only helps make the best decision, we’re also a lot clearer on why we made the decision. And understanding why we made the decision makes it easier to convince the boss or the shareholders that it’s a good decision.

  1. What is the talk mainly about?

(A) a comparison of two approaches to decision-making
(B) a formula for evaluating business plans
(C) a process for improving decision-making
(D) a method for gaining consensus within groups

Jawaban → C
Pembahasan → pokok pembicaraan dari narasi yang dibacakan narator adalah proses untuk improving decision making. Jawaban yang paling tepat adalah C

  1. Why does the professor mention the floor plan of a house?

(A) To give an example of a factor that would influence a decision
(B) To give a personal example of a time he found AHP to be useful
(C) To show that AHP can be applied to the design of houses
(D) To name some criteria that are not important in decision-making

Jawaban → A
Pembahasan → profesor menyebutkan denah sebuah rumah untuk memberi contoh faktor yang akan mempengaruhi suatu keputusan. Jawaban yang tepat adalah A.

  1. According to the professor, what is one important result of using AHP?

(A) People can make decisions more quickly.
(B) People are provided with several different outcomes.
(C) People can take advantage of the latest technology.
(D) People can better understand the decisions they make.

Jawaban → D

  1. What does the professor mean when he says this:

[This text will only be heard.]

Now there’s some AHP software out there that lets you do the math, but I’m not gonna get into that level of detail now. The important thing that I want to talk about is not the mathematics of it so much as the concept.

(A) He wants the students to use the AHP software for an assignment.
(B) He does not think the AHP software is useful.
(C) He wants to give only a general explanation of AHP.
(D) He thinks the students can understand the mathematics without his help.

Jawaban → C
Pembahasan → yang dimaksud profesor dalam narasinya adalah ia bertujuan untuk memberikan penjelasan umum mengenai apa itu AHP. Jawaban yang tepat adalah C.

  1. Why does the professor say this:

Of the houses you’re considering, uh, is cost more important than location or, say, one has a big kitchen but only two bedrooms. Is that OK?

(A)  To express uncertainty about the process
(B) To indicate an example of a decision to be made
(C) To check the students’ understanding of the process
(D) To find out what the students prefer

Jawaban → B
Pembahasan → tujuan profesor mengatakan statement di atas adalah untuk menunjukkan contoh keputusan yang akan diambil. Jawaban yang tepat adalah B.

Contoh Soal TOEFL Structure and Written Expression

Structure and Written Expression dirancang untuk mengukur kemampuan peserta tes TOEFL dalam mengenali bahasa yang sesuai dengan standar bahasa Inggris tertulis.

  1. Geysers have often been compared to volcanoes …. they both emit hot liquids from below the Earth’s surface.

(A) due to
(B) because
(C) in spite of
(D) regardless of

Jawaban → B
Pembahasan → Kalimat tersebut seharusnya berbunyi “Geysers have often been compared to volcanoes because they both emit hot liquids from below the Earth’s surface.” Sehingga, titik-titik atau bagian kosong pada kalimat di atas diisi dengan “because”, jawaban dari pilihan B. 

  1. During the early period of ocean navigation ….. any need for sophisticated instruments and techniques.

(A) so that hardly
(B) where there hardly was
(C) hardly was
(D) there was hardly

Jawaban → D
Pembahasan → Kalimat tersebut seharusnya berbunyi “During the early period of ocean navigation, there was hardly any need for sophisticated instruments and techniques.” Sehingga, titik-titik atau bagian kosong pada kalimat di atas diisi dengan “there was hardly”, jawaban dari pilihan D. 

  1. Refrigerating meats … the spread of bacteria.

(A) retards
(B) retarding
(C) to retard
(D) is retarded

Jawaban → A
Pembahasan → Kalimat tersebut seharusnya berbunyi “Refrigerating meats retards the spread of bacteria.” Sehingga, titik-titik atau bagian kosong pada kalimat di atas diisi dengan “retards”, jawaban dari pilihan A. 

  1. The first article of the United States Constitution gives Congress … to pass laws.

(A) The power
(B) has the power
(C) the power is
(D) of the power

Jawaban → A
Pembahasan → Kalimat tersebut seharusnya berbunyi “The first article of the United States Constitution gives Congress the power to pass laws.” Sehingga, titik-titik atau bagian kosong pada kalimat di atas diisi dengan “the power”, jawaban dari pilihan A. 

  1. Guppies are sometimes call rainbow fish because of the males’
                                              A                    B            C
    bright colors.

Identify the one underlined word or phrase that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct.

Jawaban → A
Pembahasan → Kalimat tersebut seharusnya berbunyi, “Guppies are sometimes called rainbow fish because of the males’ bright colors..” Karena itu jawaban yang salah dan harus diperbaiki adalah pilihan A, bukan “call”, tapi “called”.

Contoh Soal TOEFL Reading Comprehension

Growth, reproduction, and daily metabolism all require an organism to expend energy. The expenditure of energy is essentially a process of budgeting, just as finances are budgeted. If all of one’s money is spent on clothes, there may be none left to buy food or go to the movies. Similarly, a plant or animal cannot squander all its energy on growing a big body if none would be left over for reproduction, for this is the surest way to extinction.

All organisms, therefore, allocate energy to growth, reproduction, maintenance, and storage. No choice is involved; this allocation comes as part of the genetic package from the parents. Maintenance for a given body design of an organism is relatively constant. Storage is important, but ultimately that energy will be used for maintenance, reproduction, or growth. Therefore the principal differences in energy allocation are likely to be between growth and reproduction.

Almost all of an organism’s energy can be diverted to reproduction, with very little allocated to building the body. Organisms at this extreme are “opportunists.” At the other extreme are “competitors,” almost all of whose resources are invested in building a huge body, with a bare minimum allocated to reproduction.

Dandelions are good examples of opportunists. Their seedheads raised just high enough above the ground to catch the wind, the plants are no bigger than they need be, their stems are hollow, and all the rigidity comes from their water content. Thus, a minimum investment has been made in the body that becomes a platform for seed dispersal. These very short-lived plants reproduce prolifically; that is to say they provide a constant rain of seed in the neighborhood of parent plants. A new plant will spring up TOEFL iBT Sample Test Questions wherever a seed falls on a suitable soil surface, but because they do not build big bodies, they cannot compete with other plants for space, water, or sunlight. These plants are termed opportunists because they rely on their seeds’ falling into settings where competing plants have been removed by natural processes, such as along an eroding riverbank, on landslips, or where a tree falls and creates a gap in the forest canopy.

Opportunists must constantly invade new areas to compensate for being displaced by more competitive species. Human landscapes of lawns, fields, or flowerbeds provide settings with bare soil and a lack of competitors that are perfect habitats for colonization by opportunists. Hence, many of the strongly opportunistic plants are the common weeds of fields and gardens.

Because each individual is short-lived, the population of an opportunist species is likely to be adversely affected by drought, bad winters, or floods. If their population is tracked through time, it will be seen to be particularly unstable—soaring and plummeting in irregular cycles.

The opposite of an opportunist is a competitor. These organisms tend to have big bodies, are long-lived, and spend relatively little effort each year on reproduction. An oak tree is a good example of a competitor. A massive oak claims its ground for 200 years or more, outcompeting all other would-be canopy trees by casting a dense shade and drawing up any free water in the soil. The leaves of an oak tree taste foul because they are rich in tannins, a chemical that renders them distasteful or indigestible to many organisms. The tannins are part of the defense mechanism that is essential to longevity. Although oaks produce thousands of acorns, the investment in a crop of acorns is small compared with the energy spent on building leaves, trunk, and roots. Once an oak tree becomes established, it is likely to survive minor cycles of drought and even fire. A population of oaks is likely to be relatively stable through time, and its survival is likely to depend more on its ability to withstand the pressures of competition or predation than on its ability to take advantage of chance events. It should be noted, however, that the pure opportunist or pure competitor is rare in nature, as most species fall between the extremes of a continuum, exhibiting a blend of some opportunistic and some competitive characteristics.

  1. The word squander in the passage is closest in meaning to

(A) extend
(B) transform
(C) activate
(D) waste

Jawaban → D
Pembahasan → squander memiliki arti “memboroskan” atau “menghabiskan dengan sia-sia”. Kata tersebut memiliki arti yang hampir sama dengan waste yang berarti “pemborosan” atau “dibuang sia-sia”.

  1. The word none in the passage refers to

(A) food
(B) plant or animal
(C) energy
(D) big body

Jawaban → C
Pembahasan → kata “none” dalam paragraf satu mengacu pada kata “energy”.

  1. In paragraph 1, the author explains the concept of energy expenditure by

(A) identifying types of organisms that became extinct
(B) comparing the scientific concept to a familiar human experience
(C) arguing that most organisms conserve rather than expend energy
(D) describing the processes of growth, reproduction, and metabolism

Jawaban → B
Pembahasan → paragraf 1 menjelaskan konsep energi dengan membandingkan konsep ilmiah dan pengalaman manusia yang familiar.

  1. According to the passage, the classification of organisms as “opportunists” or “competitors” is determined by

(A) how the genetic information of an organism is stored and maintained
(B) the way in which the organism invests its energy resources
(C) whether the climate in which the organism lives is mild or extreme
(D) the variety of natural resources the organism consumes in its environment

Jawaban → B
Pembahasan → berdasarkan paragraf 3, klasifikasi organisme sebagai “oportunis” atau “pesaing” ditentukan oleh cara organisme menginvestasikan sumber energinya.

  1. The word dispersal in the passage is closest in meaning to

(A)  development
(B)  growth
(C) distribution
(D) protection

Jawaban → C
Pembahasan → dispersal memiliki arti “penyebaran”. Kata tersebut memiliki arti yang paling dekat dengan kata distribution yang berarti “pendistribusian”.

  1. Which of the sentences below best expresses the essential information in the highlighted sentence in the passage? Incorrect choices change the meaning in important ways or leave out essential information.

(A) Because their seeds grow in places where competing plants are no longer present, dandelions are classified as opportunists.
(B) Dandelions are called opportunists because they contribute to the natural processes of erosion and the creation of gaps in the forest canopy.
(C) The term opportunists applies to plants whose seeds fall in places where they can compete with the seeds of other plants.
(D) The term opportunists applies to plants whose falling seeds are removed by natural processes.

Jawaban → A
Pembahasan → kalimat yang paling tepat untuk mengungkapkan informasi penting dalam pembahasan di atas adalah “Because their seeds grow in places where competing plants are no longer present, dandelions are classified as opportunists.“

  1. The word massive in the passage is closest in meaning to

(A) huge
(B) ancient
(C) common
(D) successful

Jawaban → A
Pembahasan → massive memiliki arti “besar-besaran”. Kata tersebut paling dekat artinya dengan kata huge yang berarti “sangat besar/banyak”.

  1. All of the following are mentioned in paragraph 7 as contributing to the longevity of an oak tree, EXCEPT

(A) the capacity to create shade
(B) leaves containing tannin
(C) the ability to withstand mild droughts and fire
(D) the large number of acorns the tree produces

Jawaban → D
Pembahasan → hal yang tidak disebutkan dalam paragraf 7 kemampuan menahan kekeringan ringan dan kebakaran. Jawaban yang tepat adalah D.

  1. According to the passage, oak trees are considered competitors because…

(A)  they grow in areas free of opportunists
(B) they spend more energy on their leaves, trunks and roots than on their acorns
(C) their population tends to increase or decrease in irregular cycles
(D) unlike other organisms, they do not need much water or sunlight

Jawaban → B
Pembahasan → berdasarkan paragraf 7, pohon ek dianggap sebagai pesaing karena dapat menghabiskan lebih banyak energi pada daun, batang, dan akar.

  1. In paragraph 7, the author suggests that most species of organisms

(A) are primarily opportunists
(B) are primarily competitors
(C) begin as opportunists and evolve into competitors
(D) have some characteristics of opportunists and some of competitors

Jawaban → D
Pembahasan → pada paragraf 7, penulis mengemukakan bahwa sebagian besar spesies organisme memiliki beberapa karakteristik oportunis dan beberapa memiliki karakter kompetitor. Maka jawaban yang paling tepat adalah D.

Contoh Soal Speaking

Direction: In this section of the test, you will be able to demonstrate your ability to speak about a variety of topics. You will answer six questions by speaking into the microphone. Answer each of the questions as completely as possible.

In questions one and two, you will speak about familiar topics. Your response will be scored on your ability to speak clearly and coherently about the topics. 

In questions three and four, you will first read a short text. The text will go away and you will then listen to a talk on the same topic. You will then be asked a question about what you have read and heard. You will need to combine appropriate information from the test and the talk to provide a complete answer to the question. Your response will be scored on your ability to speak clearly and coherently and on your ability to accurately convey information about what you read and heard.

(1) Speaking 1

Describe a class you have taken in school and explain why the class was important to you. Include details and examples to support your explanation.

Preparation time: 15 seconds
Response time: 45 seconds
Please begin speaking after the beep.
[2 secs beep]

Contoh Jawaban → 
I took a dance class when I was in high school. At first I was hesitant about taking this class, but over time I fell in love with this type of art. By following the art of dance, I can get to know various kinds of typical Indonesian dances from Sabang to Merauke. Not only that, thanks to taking dance classes, I was also able to take part in an inter-provincial dance competition and won 2nd place.

  1. Speaking 2

Some universities require first-year students to live in dormitories on campus. Others allow students to live off campus. Which policy do you think is better for first-year students and why? Include details and examples in your explanation.

Preparation time: 15 seconds
Response time: 45 seconds
Please begin speaking after the beep.
[2 secs beep]

Contoh Jawaban →
Living in a campus dormitory in the first year of college is a wise decision that prospective new students can make, as long as the dormitory, housing and facilities are suitable for students. By living in a dormitory, students can be safer, they can also adapt better to the campus environment, and can have more friends from various majors.

  1. Speaking 3

City University is planning to increase tuition and fees. Read the announcement about the increase from the president of City University. You will have 45 seconds to read the announcement. 

Begin reading now!
Reading Time: 45 seconds

                                   Announcement from the president
The university has decided to increase tuition and fees for all students by approximately 8 percent next semester. For the past 5 years, the tuition and fees have remained the same, but it is necessary to increase them now for several reasons. The university has many more students than we had five years ago, and we must hire additional professors to teach these students. We have also made a new commitment to research and technology, and will be renovating and upgrading our laboratory facilities to better meet our students’ needs.

  1. Speaking 4

Now read the passage about animal domestication. You have 45 seconds to read the passage. Begin reading now!

Reading Time: 45 seconds

                                                  Animal Domestication
For thousands of years, humans have been able to domesticate, or tame, many large mammals that in the wild live together in herds. Once tamed, these mammals are used for agricultural work and transportation. Yet some herd mammals are not easily domesticated.

A good indicator of an animal’s suitability for domestication is how protective the animal is of its territory. Non-territorial animals are more easily domesticated than territorial animals because they can live close together with animals from other herds. A second indicator is that animals with a hierarchical social structure, in which herd members follow a leader, are easy to domesticate, since a human can function as the “leader”.

Contoh Test of Written English dalam tes TOEFL

Directions: Read the question below. You have 30 minutes to plan, write, and revise your essay. Typically, an effective response will contain a minimum of 250 words. Question:

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
“Good teachers are more important to a child’s development than good parents”.
Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

I don’t agree. Like the sun that shines during the day and the moon that shines at night. Everyone runs along their respective lines and roles. In my opinion, teachers and parents have their respective roles in children’s development. Teachers have full responsibility when children are in school. Meanwhile, parents have full responsibility when their children are in the home and surrounding environment.

Both are very important for the continued development of children, especially academic development, character, behavior, and manners.

Good teachers play a vital role in helping children develop social skills, creativity, self-confidence, and good moral values. A teacher can have a positive influence on children. They can also be inspirational figures admired by children at school.

Just as important as the role of teachers, good parents play an important role in building children’s emotions, and fulfilling children’s needs for affection, love, and a sense of security. Parents are the first ladder that will shape a child’s behavior, growth and development.

However, behind the important role of teachers and parents in children’s development, we must also not forget the role of the children themselves. Children who are surrounded by good teachers and parents must still try to develop their abilities.

In conclusion, without teachers, children cannot understand all types of knowledge and the values contained therein properly, like a fragile empty shell of knowledge. Without good parents, children will have difficulty learning all the basic things and little things in life, so their development will also be hampered.

 That’s all my opinion. Thank you.

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