Kumpulan Cerita Pendek Bahasa Inggris Berbagai Tema

cerita bahasa inggris

Cerita pendek adalah pilihan tepat untuk mencari hiburan dalam sastra dan kata. Cerita pendek bahasa Inggris bisa menjadi alat pembelajaran bahasa Inggris yang efektif. Sastra dan cerita-cerita yang ada di baliknya dapat menjadi referensi bacaan yang dapat meningkatkan kemampuan bahasa Inggrismu. Selain mendapat hiburan, kamu juga bisa menambah kosakata dan mempelajari grammar secara tidak langsung.

Selain membaca cerpen bahasa Inggris, kamu juga bisa loh mulai belajar membuat cerpen bahasa Inggris karyamu sendiri. Nah, sebagai bahan acuan, yuk cek kumpulan cerpen bahasa Inggris berbagai topik berikut ini.

Cerpen Bahasa Inggris

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Apa itu cerpen? Cerpen adalah kisahan pendek yang jumlah katanya kurang dari 10.000. Cerpen memberikan kisah tunggal yang dominan dan memusatkan diri pada satu tokoh dalam satu situasi. Cerpen bahasa Inggris berarti cerita yang dituliskan dalam bahasa Inggris. 

Setelah sebelumnya belajar membuat puisi bahasa Inggris, sekarang lewat kumpulan cerpen bahasa Inggris di bawah ini, semoga kamu bisa mengambil sebuah atau lebih pelajaran yang bisa disimpan dan dijadikan acuan dalam memandang kehidupan.

Cerita Bahasa Inggris tentang Cinta


I looked up at the twilight sky in mid-February. It felt like the reddish clouds and mega-smiling greeted me, bidding farewell to a love that had never been apart before.

Does he not recognize me anymore? Am I still the same person he loved so much? I don’t know, I always wanted to say how are you today? Do I look like someone who pretends to be happy?

I have spent more than a thousand twilights without Fahri, but it feels like just yesterday he was sitting here, smiling and saying “your eyes are like the sunset we see on Blora hill, beautiful and makes me always want to look at it.”

To this day, the word goodbye still hasn’t come out of my mouth. Do I love you too much? Until the time you have turned to dust, I will remain only in the same heart.

Cerita Bahasa Inggris tentang Sahabat

Alana and Gery

A pair of friends live on the coast of Purwa Beach. Alana and Gery are names. The close proximity of the house and the not-too-long age gap made their friendship even closer. They always play near the pier, welcoming the fishermen to come while running in the middle of the sea of ​​clean sand.

One day Gery’s father was transferred to a place on the island of Sulawesi. Alana feels sad, but the two promise to continue to be friends no matter what. “Alana, I promise, one day I will come here again.” Gery said while holding out a bracelet with Alana’s name on it.

The days went by, moving swiftly, like a machine that devoured the objects inside in just a fraction of a second. Every holiday arrived, they exchanged messages by letter, it continued for the next 5 years.

Until one morning Gery woke up and opened the mailbox in front of his house. But all he encountered was mere emptiness. Gery wonders why Alana hasn’t replied to his letter, it’s been more than a week since Alana has heard anything. Where is she going? Where’s Alana?

Not only Gery, the postman was looking for Alana. Where’s Alana? Is she stuck in the letters? Or in realizing that everything was in vain, Gery was just a name he would never meet again?

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Cerita Bahasa Inggris tentang Pendidikan

Sekar and Her Dream

My name is Sekar, Sekar Widya. I was born and raised in a small village on the outskirts of the city. I have a dream, after graduating from high school I will continue my education to a city known as the Flower City.

Mom and dad said “Are you serious about continuing your studies in Bandung? Isn’t it far?”

I looked into my father’s and my mother’s eyes calm and deep, I said that “My dream is in another place, in a place far from the reach of Mom and Dad. I want to go there, pick up my dream, so I can fly even further.”

Mom and Dad only have me in this world, but they let me go for a dream and a dream that I myself was just about to start.

For them, education is an important thing. When they are going to order it, they must have a lot of provisions and the courage to choose.

Cerita Bahasa Inggris tentang Keberanian

To the Red I’ve Read

Everything I ask, everything I read is about the world and anything I can take as a lesson. Today I read a story from a famous novel, about a woman who was kind, determined, and brave. Many feel unfamiliar with the woman, I will not mention who the character is, it’s just that I know her as Merah (she really is like red, has the ability to be blushing and flashy).

On page 53, when the story is on the theme ‘Why You Struggle’, there is a sentence that I like the most, it says “because I am a woman, I can face it”. She was always opposed even by her family, they said women could not be alone, and did not need to be highly educated.

I know what answer the Red will say, she will just smile with sparkling eyes. “I don’t like being ordinary, I’m happy to be a woman who is empowered, and increases humanity.”

The story is still ongoing, want to hear my story further? Or maybe you’ve read the book yourself?

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Cerita bahasa Inggris tentang Hero Versiku

I Call She ‘Arinda

It’s been 20 years since mom and dad left because of an accident. I live with my older sister, Arinda. I never imagined at the age of only 3 years, I would have to live life without my parents. Just me, Arinda, and grandmother. The two women who only love and care about my interests.

Exactly two months ago, Arinda said something to me. “I want to continue my magister program to Leiden, like my dream”.

My grandmother and I smiled at the words that came from the lips of the woman who became my hero. She locked up, suppressed, and threw away his dreams because to her, I was number one. Until right at the age of 23 years, she dared to dream again.

For 20 years, grandparents and Arinda have lived mutually reinforcing, hiding each other’s sorrows. Compete to be the strongest and strengthen each other. Arinda who always defends me, Arinda who always prepares food, manages all my needs and needs, now she will live her long lonely life.

“Arinda now you can go.”

Itu dia beberapa kumpulan cerita bahasa Inggris dengan tema yang berbeda. Sekarang kamu bisa membuat cerpen bahasa Inggris dengan versimu sendiri!

Wah menarik bukan, dari cerita pendek kamu bisa belajar bahasa juga. Agar belajar bahasa Inggrismu lebih sempurna, kamu bisa ikut jadi bagian kursus bahasa Inggris online di Cakap! Dengan pembelajaran yang fun dan nggak bikin bosan, kamu akan ketagihan belajar. Yuk daftar Cakap sekarang juga!

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Saya adalah pencinta sastra dan gemar menyelami tulisan-tulisan lama. Saya percaya bahwa “Menulis, menciptakan ide/gagasan, dan berbagi pengetahuan adalah cara untuk tetap ada dalam pusaran sejarah”.

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