5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn another Language

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn another Language

Learning a language other than your own can be an awesome experience. Expensive, too, if you think about it. But, the internet has made it possible for everyone to learn languages online – particularly English, Chinese, Japanese, and Indonesian language. Yes, it can be a hassle since mastering your own language can be difficult. However, you may also find it gratifying in the end.

Immerse yourself in the culture.

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn another Language
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It’s true that you can immerse yourself in a culture of a country by tasting the food, listening to the music, and visiting the sites. But, how can you truly get the feel of it if you don’t understand the history wherein history is only passed down through language? Take the country of Japan, for example. With all the sumo-wrestlers, geishas, sushi and sashimi dishes, bentos, and kimonos we encounter, you’d definitely feel like you’re Japanese. Did you know that if you said “bento box” you’d be redundant because ‘bento’ already means ‘lunchbox’? It would be better to feel Japanese if you spoke Japanese.

Break language barriers.


Most countries have a secondary language like English, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, or Chinese because many of these countries have been colonized by a certain superpower one time or another. Here in Southeast Asia and parts of the United States and East Asia you’ll find a rampant Chinese population.

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In fact, China is the largest and most populated country in the world. So, there’s almost a Chinatown everywhere you look. Obviously, to better communicate with them, you’d have to know how to speak Chinese. They’re very good entrepreneurs and very untrusting of foreigners, so doing business with them would be harrowing if you didn’t know a thing or two about the Chinese language.

Become a globally competitive asset.

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn another Language
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When you know multiple languages, other than your native language and English, employers around the world would be wanting to hire you. Why would they need to spend more money to hire a translator or have their present employees attend company paid language classes when they could hire you? You could work and live anywhere around the world!

Get a larger circle of friends.

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn another Language
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Knowing more languages would allow you to befriend more people. Speaking a similar language with a person strengthens the trust and bond between you. So, many people would want to talk with you, hang out with you, and even confide in you.

Learn more about yourself.

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn another Language
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Sometimes, there are things about ourselves that we don’t know about and could only find out when we learn about another country. You may find that learning a language may be easy just because some of the words are similar to your native language. For example, the Filipinos and the Indonesians have many similar words: bawang = garlic, aku/ako = me, kanan = right, balik = return, and many more. The Indonesians never colonized the Philippines, but how did their language get mixed up with the Filipinos who were colonized by the Spanish, Americans, and Japanese?

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