How to Become Fluent in the Japanese Language

How to Become Fluent in the Japanese Language

The Japanese language, some people say that it’s like a sport. To be so good at it, you would need a lot of practice, discipline, dedication, and coaching. Unlike other languages like English and Spanish, wherein learning to speak and not read or write in the language is just fine. But for Japanese, it requires you to learn how to read and write, to speak and understand. If that scares you, well don’t fret. Here are five tips to help you become more fluent in Japanese.

Condition yourself

This basically means that you have to forget your language once in a while and free your mind. Remember, you’re going to learn a whole new language with a different set of grammar rules and vocabulary. Hence, you’re going to need some memory space in that head of yours.

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Learn the basics

Learning some basic Japanese words would be a big help in making you feel more comfortable with the language. Some Japanese words you may find have been embedded in other languages. So, most people find that more soothing in their learning experience.

Learn vocabulary

So, that basically means, learn the words in Kanji and in Hiragana—that includes learning the characters. You don’t have to memorize all of them all at once because there’s more than a thousand of them. Learning about 10 a day would be less stressful, and hearing and seeing those words and characters every day would familiarize you till it becomes normal.

Get with the grammar

Now, the gameplay is the grammar. The words in Japanese are usually ordered: Subject + Object + Verb instead of the normal English word order: Subject + Verb + Object. It’s a bit weird, I know. But if you get used to it, you’ll be able to use all that vocabulary you memorized and form sentences.

Practice with the coach

It’s difficult to find a native speaker of Japanese outside of Japan, so “THANK YOU, INTERNET!” Now, you don’t have to travel to Japan just to learn Japanese. Instead, you can apply for online Japanese classes in CAKAP and the like. Here, you’ve got your own private coach helping you practice your Japanese and correcting your errors without you worrying about getting embarrassed or wasting time commuting. It’s the most cost-effective and convenient way to practice your Japanese.

With these five tips, you’ll soon be able to get your game on!

Saya adalah pencinta sastra dan gemar menyelami tulisan-tulisan lama. Saya percaya bahwa “Menulis, menciptakan ide/gagasan, dan berbagi pengetahuan adalah cara untuk tetap ada dalam pusaran sejarah”.

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