The Top 5 Must-Attend Music Festivals in Indonesia for You Festival-Goers

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Top 5 Music Festivals in Indonesia

Talking about music, surely it will be an endless topic to discuss as it is something that is loved by almost everyone in all corners of the world. Music itself cannot be separated from everyday life because it has become an individual need. There are currently countless musicians from a wide range of genres and the numbers keep on growing.

This makes the music industry grow rapidly because they take the initiative to hold an annual music festival by inviting several musicians at once. It’s no exception in Indonesia, many music festivals have sprung up because the people, especially younger generation, are happy to come and watch their favorite musicians as a way of loosen up.

With the increasing enthusiasm, these music festivals come up a variety of unique and exciting concepts. Each of them will certainly provide a different experience. This time, we will discuss the 5 best music festivals in Indonesia to add to your must-see music festivals list for you music enthusiasts out there!

Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 


Established since 2005, Java Jazz is widely known as one of the biggest Jazz Festivals in the world. The festival hype is consistent and even tends to increase since its first year. It always has impressive line ups both from international and local artists. Usually, Java Jazz Festival is held for 3 days at JIEXPO Kemayoran.  Each day there are plenty of musicians who perform on several different stages which scattered throughout the venue.

Synchronize Festival 


This music festival is famous because it always presents musicians from a variety of genres during its 3 days performances every year since 2009. It is a nation-wide event that invites hundreds of most favorite and best Indonesian artists from the 1970s to the 2000s. Moreover, Synchronize Festival also provides Outdoor Cinema, Art & Merchandise Market, Records Fair, and Food & Beverages Festival. The festival is held at Gambir Expo Kemayoran each year.

Soundrenaline Festival 


Similar to Synchronize Festival, Soundrenaline is one of the biggest and coolest multi genre music festivals that was founded in 2002. At first, this festival is known for rock music shows as their specialty, but since 2016 the event organizer decided to change the image and concept into multi genre music festival which attracts more audiences. If it previously held in Jakarta, now for the past recent years it is held in Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Bali.

We the Fest Festival


It’s a summer festival of music, arts, fashion, and food inaugurated in 2012 that’s also known for the acts of different genres shows. Similar to Coachella Festival in the United States, this event is defined as a classy festival where the festival-goers can freely express themselves. They can explore various whimsical activations and zones in the venue which is at JIEXPO Kemayoran. Besides local musicians, there are some internationally-renowned musicians too.

Jazz Gunung Festival


The concept offered by this music event is quite unique because it is held in Mount Bromo, Probolinggo, Malang. While watching music performances in open space, the festival-goers get to enjoy the beautiful views. Since 2009, many jazz international and local musicians performed in the festival. There are some regional arts performances too that symbolize the country’s diversity.

These are the awaited festivals that you shouldn’t definitely miss. To make your experience complete, you can learn Indonesian language so you can understand the music and enjoy the whole performances better. You can start learning Indonesian through Cakap’s Indonesian Course Package. See you soon in the festivals!

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