Is the TOEFL Suit for You?

Is the TOEFL Suit for You?

Many international non-English speaking students get confused about which English proficiency test they should take. There are many learn English proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEIC, and TOEFL. Each of them has its own measurement and purpose. Before you decide which one is the right test for you, here are some important characteristics of the TOEFL you should consider.


No matter where you decide to go, the TOEFL is almost like a passport being accepted by over 9,000 institutions in 130 different countries, including the top 100 universities in the United States. The TOEFL is more widely accepted and trusted than any other assessment. Your eligibility will depend, however, on your test score.

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TOEFL measures the skills needed by international students. Questions are purely academic and similar to real classroom situations. TOEFL reviews also give you access to various amenities such as lectures,  films, seminars, textbooks, online research,  interactions with professors and other students, academic papers,  and more. That is why many universities consider it the most appropriate test to use when deciding to admit a student or not.


TOEFL has a reputation for fairness. Since it is academically based, your answers must coincide with academic requirements—grammar rules, structure, usage, vocabulary, etc. While other speaking tests are graded by a single person, TOEFL’s has a multiple-rater grading system that gives you more opportunities to get an honest evaluation and fair results.


iBT test takers will be given feedback online 15 working days after your test, while PBT takers will have to wait just a little longer. Either way, your results will give you ample time and knowledge to improve your skills.


Once you do pass the TOEFL, you will be given a certificate that would be valid for two years from the test date. After that, you will have to take the test again if you need it.

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