5 Anti-Mainstream Places You Should Visit in London

places to visit in London

One of the goals for English language learners is to visit the United Kingdom, especially London. Either to pursue higher education, work, or just for a vacation. While some would generally point you out to The Big Ben, The River Thames, Harrod’s, The Coca-Cola London Eye, and Buckingham Palace, I’d rather point out five not-so-popular-places-but-should-be-visited places in London.

Places to Visit in London

These are 5 anti-mainstream places you should visit in London:

The Seven Noses of Soho

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The home of assorted forms of entertainment, Soho is most popularly known as the nightlife district. It houses many restaurants and bars for you to enjoy with your friends at the end of the day. It is a popular place to visit at night, but what if you visit it in the day?

That’s when you’ll see some noses protruding from very odd places. In 1997, the artist Rick Buckley chose to hide 35 noses – Yes, noses! – on Soho’s architecture. Unfortunately, only seven now survive.

Many people have come up with stories and urban legends about the noses. Some people believe that once you find all seven noses you’d have limitless wealth.

Food Market at Maltby Street

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Everyone wants to find that small hole in the wall of good eats and find out that it’s awesome. The food market at Maltby Street is just that. Opened sometime in 2010 in southeast London, Maltby Street is located in a secluded valley surrounded by railway arches and decorated with strings of colorful bulbs.

You’ll find all sorts of traders here that sell ethnic food, fresh farm produce, thingamajigs, beer and ale, cheese, flowers, bread, and so much more. The eats are generally affordable, but who wouldn’t want to spend just a little more than the budget if the food is REALLY GOOD?

Notting Hill and Portobello Road Market

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The Portabello Road Market became more renowned for its antique shops. Located in the Notting Hill district and easily accessible by Notting Hill Gate, the market now houses musicians and more bazaars selling not only antiques but also vintage clothing, ceramics, accessories, and foodstuffs. Ideally, it would be better to try the market during the day and during Saturdays, since that is the main market day. The market goes down the whole street, so reserve a whole day for the trip.

Secret Bars in London

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Apparently, these bars are exclusive or not really seen around. But, to get a great nightcap and some good food, and night music, you could try to find some of these “secret” bars.

The Luggage Room in Mayfair was opened in 2013, and it houses a wide array of cocktails and drinks – even food to go with. Their cocktails are customized and evolutionary, so it’s a must-try.

Evan’s and Peel Detective Agency in Earl’s Court is not a private detective agency. It is, however, a bar that’s full of mystery and enigma – from their “elixirs” to their food. You just have to solve a few clues to get in.

Tower of London

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Okay… okay… don’t get all in a tizzy. Sure, everyone knows about the haunted and historical Tower of London. But, not everybody likes visiting places with ghosts. If you do though, visiting the Tower would be awesome. Tours are usually in the morning and you’ll be in a group. Don’t worry. The dark stories and more historical ones surrounding each building and tower in this gigantic fortification will leave you wondering, “How come there are no night tours or a hotel in here?”

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