10 Common Phrases You Need to Know When Visiting Indonesia

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Common Indonesian phrases

Planning to visit Indonesia? Can’t wait to cross off your bucket list? Welcome! Here you can gain so many culture experiences and get a taste of our mouth-watering local foods. But what do I need to prepare before visiting Indonesia? Passport, check. Visa, check. Bucket list, double check.

Here’s the thing. Your preparation is incomplete without these common Indonesian phrases. Yes, most Indonesians can speak basic English. However, speaking the language will make your travel feel even more authentic.

You can ask directions easier, bargain prices, understand the culture better, and mix with the locals. It shows that you have genuine interest towards the locals and their cultures. And Indonesians love it when tourists can speak their language.

Here are 10 common Indonesian phrases that will be useful in daily conversations:

Greetings & Introductions

Greetings and Introductions
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Travelling to other countries, you’re going to meet plenty of new people and maybe make some new friends. So here’s some useful phrases to introduce yourself and greet others according to the time:

  • Good morning = Selamat pagi
  • Good afternoon = Selamat siang
  • Good evening = Selamat sore
  • Good night = selamat malam
  • Nice to meet you = Senang berkenalan denganmu or Salam kenal
  • My name is … = Nama saya …
  • How are you? = Apa kabar?
  • How do you do? = Bagaimana kabarmu?
  • I’m fine. And you? = Baik. Kamu?
  • I’m from … = Saya dari …
  • See you later! = Sampai jumpa!
  • Good bye = Selamat tinggal

Common Signs

Common signs
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It is important to pay attention to the signs on the streets and other public places. Here are some common words and phrases usually found on street signs.

  • Exit = Keluar
  • Entrance = Masuk
  • No Entry = dilarang masuk
  • Emergency = Darurat
  • Open = Buka
  • Close = Tutup
  • Push = Dorong
  • Pull = Tarik
  • Press = Tekan
  • Prohibited, forbidden = Dilarang
  • Caution = Awas
  • Men = Pria
  • Women = Wanita


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Know these phrases so you don’t get lost! And if you do, these phrases are even more essential.

  • Turn = Belok
  • Left = Kiri
  • Right = Kanan
  • Far = Jauh
  • Near = Dekat
  • Straight = Lurus
  • Where is …? = Di mana …?
  • How can I get to …? = Bagaimana saya bisa ke …?
  • Bus station = terminal bus
  • Train station = stasiun kereta api
  • Airport = bandara


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Bargaining is a must when shopping in Indonesia’s traditional markets and some tourism areas. Knowing how to bargain in Indonesian language will definitely help you get a better deal. This is also one of the way to avoid being scammed.

  • Price = Harga
  • This = Ini
  • That = Itu
  • How much is this? = Berapa harganya?
  • Too expensive! = Terlalu mahal
  • I don’t have enough = Uang saya tidak cukup
  • Can I get it for less? Bisa kurang tidak?
  • Can I get a discount? Boleh diskon tidak?


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1 = Satu

2 = Dua

3 = Tiga

4 = Empat

5 = Lima

6 = Enam

7 = Tujuh

8 = Eight

9 = Sembilan

10 = Sepuluh

50 = Lima puluh

100 = Seratus

1000 = Seribu

100.000 = Seratus ribu

Other essentials

Other essentials
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  • Excuse me = Permisi
  • Thank you = Terima kasih
  • You’re welcome = Sama-sama
  • I don’t understand = Saya tidak mengerti
  • Yes = Ya
  • No = Tidak
  • Today = Hari ini
  • Yesterday = Kemarin
  • Tomorrow = Besok
  • Please = Tolong, mohon
  • Help = Tolong
  • Water = Air
  • Food = Makanan

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